somebody asked me what i thought of r/theredpill. these screenshots took me about ten whole minutes to get, so you can just see the absolute wonderful people you can meet on this subreddit.

please note what has been up voted and what has been down voted . just a lovely bunch of human beings. can’t wait to be besties with these obvious bros

WOW these poor Nice Guys, not getting laid or treated as superior to women!  And it’s because evil feminists are getting their way.  This has nothing to do with the boiling sewage that makes up their personalities!  Defend Nice Guys!



I’m not a misandrist by any means but the other day my guy friend told me he just wanted to stay friends? what the fuck is that? i was being so nice to him, like buying him food and calling him all the time and he doesn’t want to even TRY to start a relationship with me because he said it’d ruin our friendship. He’s such a fucking tease.

the scary thing is how you never hear women say these things… always men.









I hate feminists that make blanket statements about how awful all men are and who try to put down and belittle men.

You’re a misandrist, which is no better than being a misogynist, and you are not helping the case of any woman who wants to be treated with as much respect as any man. And you’re certainly not changing the minds of people who have the power to fight institutionalized discrimination.


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this is amazing

tumblr user floozy should have a guest week on inamb


Does your boyfriend or brother spend a lot of money on skin and hair care products? Does your dad spend much time at the hairdresser or beautician?

In your city’s daily paper do most of the political news items feature women? Are most of the stories in the business section written by and about women? Is there a special ‘Men’s Section’ filled with celebrity gossip, fashion and beauty tips?

When you watch a big sporting event on TV, are the athletes usually women? When you watch female sporting teams are there hot guys in tiny outfits cheering for them on the sidelines?

Do girls you know talk openly about getting off while watching porn? Do they boast about their sexual conquests?

When you’re at the food court, do your female friends happily gobble down a large burger and fries combo while your male friends pick at a salad and sip diet coke?

Do the majority of the fathers you know spend most of their time at home washing, cleaning, cooking and taking care of their kids? Do you often hear mothers refer to looking after their own kids as ‘babysitting’? Have you heard women talk about earning brownie points for cleaning their own house and washing their own clothes? Are you sick of men going on about how hard it is to balance work and parenthood?

Are your male friends afraid to walk on their own at night? Do they avoid drinking too much in case they get raped? Do they dress to protect themselves from attack and always carry their keys poking through their knuckles? When they complain about all this do your female friends shrug and tell them that’s just how the world is?

If the answer to all of these questions was yes, wouldn’t that mean something was wrong? Is that still true if the genders are reversed? Does it matter?

Opening from Emily Maguire’s ‘Your Skirt’s Too Short: Sex, Power, Choice’   (via seulray)


I’m not a misandrist, but men shouldn’t complain about women being ‘high maintenance’ or ‘gold-diggers’ when men have the higher wages. Why make all of the money if you are going to complain about spending it on the woman who probably takes care of the bills, cooking, cleaning, child care, and/or appointments anyways?

and men will say “well uh men want many sex partners because evolutionary biology”

right, and women want good care takers and a good life and health and a hard working and smart husband, which money tends to bring, because biology. 

"but that’s not the saaaame!"




Detroit, Michigan: Women and supporters march against “men’s rights” conference at the Doubletree Hotel, June 7, 2014.

"Hotel refused 3,000 petitions with our demand until after a long standoff, with protesters refusing cops’ orders to leave."

Photos and report by Kris Hamel

shout out to UNITE HERE for putting this together!



Detroit— A controversial conference on men’s rights that was to be held at a downtown Detroit hotel has been canceled.

The Hilton Doubletree Guest Suites Fort Shelby on W. Lafayette will no longer be hosting the A Voice for Men’s International Conference on Men’s Issues, which was to be held June 27-28.

In 2012, the Southern Poverty Law Center called men’s rights groups like A Voice for Men “women haters whose fury goes well beyond criticism of the family court system, domestic violence laws and false rape accusations.”

pretty much nail on the head


Anonymous asked:

I have only heard such things said sincerely about males, I have heard less than 2 of these actually said about females, and you aren't just turning the insults around. Your making new ones. This is sexist. I have gotten about 5 different people to report this blog. Obviously you saw this coming. Call men out on unfair treatment, don't fight sexism with sexism and say you're justified in doing so because you're a woman.

amiamisandrist answered:

there are multiple mods and two are men so try again


some anon is really up our collective butt about this and frankly it’s hilarious

it’s literally 

mra anon: you’re pointing out blatant oppression to your gender, girl? LOL time to shut you down!

When you suggest anti-feminist and pro-hate blogs be shut down, the fucking backlash though LOL


Anonymous asked:

Hi, I just wanted to tell you, I'll be reporting your blog for sexist, misandrist, and racist comments. If this blog were made about females, it would be shut down instantly. I'm sorry, but this is rude, unapologetic sexism.

amiamisandrist answered:

ok???????????????? anons are truly wild

look how butthurt that anon is though, like he’s full of shit because anti-female and neo nazi blogs aren’t taken fucking down. LOL

So, I ask to the women who are still not sure about rape culture, patriarchy, or male supremacy, if you see the problem behind a culture in which “no” is punishable, but where failure to say “no” makes any violation of your personhood your own fault. When you sit back for a moment and think to yourself that surely you can say no to men, and that I am blowing things way out of proportion, then at least do this test within your own life: Start saying No more often when No is what you really want to say. Establish firm boundaries with men and do not let up. See if the male you are saying no to immediately stops and respects your boundary, or if his automatic response, reflexive—as though he’s been learning how to do this since he was a boy, as though he sees no other response more logical than this—is to attempt to do what you have just asked him not to do to you. Notice how you feel when telling a man “no” as well. Do you feel butterflies in your stomach? Do you feel guilty (denying him his right of access to you)? Do you feel mean? Do you feel unsure at all as to whether or not you have the right to tell him no? It is very easy to feel that men are not so bad when you are still making sure to give them what they want.